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I can has skill queue?

I’m sure news of the planned skill queue have spread like wildfire by now. Probably the best news I’ve heard all day. As a community we have been clamoring for this for awhile now. It was quite a kick in the pants when they took ghost training away and didn’t add the queue. Some questions remain however as to how this will affect character growth and character farming.

The dev blog states “The skill training system we came up with allows you to queue skills that will start training in the next 24 hours. You can enter in up to 50 skills in a queue, as long as they all start training within 24 hours. This leaves room to start a skill that will take 6 hours, followed with one that takes 12 to complete. With only 18 hours of training prepared, the queue still has room to start another skill.” What I’m taking this to mean is that you could essentially train a bunch of shorter skills up until 24 hours after the first skill started in the queue then have a long skill start right before that 24 hour period is up. This helps with low multiplier skills that may only take 10-15 hours to get to lvl 3 or 4 but the last skill is a day or two. So long as level V starts within the 24 hour period then it will start training. What this doesn’t help is a Capital ship pilot throw months worth of skills together in the queue, log off, log back in a few months from then and be able to fly a carrier around. This in theory prevents character farming.

Now this certainly doesn’t help people like myself who will be going on vaction for a week in the spring and need to train a set of skills. Chances are I’ll just have to set a long one or find a skill set that trains a bunch of short skills then starts a long one that takes a week before the 24 hours is up. I think the 24 hour time table is a tad short. Something closer to 48 would have been a bit more reasonable. Either way, this is a good step in the right direction and was a big fat elephant in the room that they weren’t addressing.


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Planning Ahead

Not sure if you guys/gals know but I have two characters in Eve. I have a main character that runs my corporation. His skill training isn’t very focused, with SP in Industry and PvP. His learning skills are great but as a result of diversifying my training, he isn’t great at any one aspect of PvP. My other character is a pure indy alt with great learning skills and a pure focus on Indy.

Main Char Training: With my main running a corp I’ve been training specific skills to help me in certain areas that in turn help the corp. This recently has included training some of my core skills to V to allow for tech II hardeners and Tech II LARs for Missions. The domi tank is working pretty darn well now. The only way to get it stronger would be to use a couple of Amarr LAR’s or switch to Complex Hardeners (drool worthy but pocket emptying). Next I believe I will start training to an assault ship, specifically the ishkur. Then maybe onto an Oneiros or Ishtar. I’m wary of actually using an Oneiros in combat as it screams “Primary ME!” but I imagine so long as I’m the proper 70km away that it should be all good. I’ll be plugging away at sentry drones V as I go along (still 20+ days). Then its onto the long train for Tech II Large Blasters. I have access to meds already (gank brutix ftw).

Indy Alt: After getting him into an Orca and getting him the best Leadership & Implant bonuses money and time can buy, I have started him on tech II production training. I didn’t realize how skill intensive it was. Thanfully most of them train pretty fast. Honestly not sure what do next with him after that. I certainly want to keep him indy focused. I may work on wing and fleet command skills then.

So all in all I’m really concentrating on keeping each character focused on a specific aspect of the game, and in turn a specific skill path. The Ishkur will be my first step into tech II ships (aside from a hulk) and the great thing about it is its cheap and I can easily TII fit the whole thing.

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