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Screenshot Winner

And the winner of the First ever Everyday Eve Screenshot Contest is…..



Congrats! With all the hard work Kirith does he certainly deserves this. 10 mil will be in his wallet today!

We didn’t have a ton of entries but hey, the blog is still growing. Hopefully we can do this again in a couple of weeks!



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Screenshot Wednesday

friendlycyno1This is an awesome pic of one of our alliance mates setting up a Cyno for a friendly carrier. The alliance brought it in to deal with a red carrier that kept undocking. An awesome sight to see for sure. I would imagine it would look even cooler with a ton of cap ships jumping in.

friendlycarrierHere is a detailed look at the alliance carrier. Notice the nice little dronebay and launch pad underneath. Unlike many of the Minmatar ships, this one looks badass. This particular pilot was quite skilled and had 15 various fighters orbiting his ship. Not something to be toyed with.


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Screenshot Wednesday

Concord Blob in Niarja


Some of you may remember this blob in Niarja from some months ago. It was there for quite some time. I haven’t been over that way in awhile so I’m not sure if its still there. I never did find out if it was a part of some in game event or whatever. I know that Niarja along with Madimarlle (I butchered the spelling) are pretty busy gank systems as they are on a fairly well traveled trade route into Amarr space. Needless to say, the Concord blob would cause some serious lag spikes as you came out of warp on the gate.

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