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Thursday Ship Highlight – Exequror Edition

Its that time again. This week we will be taking a look at the slow, but hardy Exequror.

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I have to say, this is one of the weirder ships to fit that I have come across. Because of the slot arrangement and exequror1CPU/Powergrid, it just isn’t exceptionally good at anything its bonuses offer for a ship purpose. It has bonuses for cargo holds which lends itself well for mining lasers, but you can’t fit a full rack of  T2 lasers and have enough CPU left for anything else really. It has range bonuses for remote armor reps, yet to run a full 4 rack of medium RRs requires you to fit the rest of the ship for cap stability mods. One thing is for sure, its tough, slow and any enemy won’t know what you’ve got when you drop one on the field.

I’ve been toying with one for the past few weeks as I’ve been considering an Oneiros skill training path. If you don’t know, the logisitics ships in this game including the Basalisk and Oneiros are 100% badass. They can easily negate hundreds of DPS off the field. Obviously this means they get called primary quick and when your always primary and fly around a 75mil isk ship, well you can see why it isn’t a glamorous job. I toyed with the idea of a cheaper alternative. After playing around in EFT it was quickly apparent that while the range bonuses for the Remote Reps were nice, the cap stability mods needed to permarun them was just insane. So it CAN be a halfway decent RR ship, but 4 med. remote reps aren’t going to change the game on  the field. I learned this the hard way when I brought it out on a POS takedown the other night. It just doesn’t have the RR capability to really be viable. Its lack of any local defenses means its more of a impedement on the field than an asset.

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Remote Rep Exequror:
As you can see there are just too many cap stability mods needed to keep this thing going. You ABSOLUTELY need to be able to permarun remote reps if thats what your bringing to the gang. I think this could really be a nice, simple and cheap alternative to the expensive oneiros. Some bonuses to the reps as well as RR Cap reduction and CPU bonuses would fix this. Why give it the range bonuses? From the looks of the standard fits, it seems like this ship is almost broken in this area. Can’t fit med RRs without the rest of your slots taken up, and fitting smalls just doesn’t make sense. What is with the damn drone bay? 40m/3?!

Mining Exequror:

Mining on this ship just makes sense. Works great for an indy pilot who is pining for a retriever. Lots of cargo space and a drone bay make it perfect for mining in a 1.0-.6 system. Again, we see that this ship is just gimped in the CPU area considering what its bonuses are. Even so, this should be what every gallente indy pilot shoots for when they first start the game. It’s going to yield some halfway decent cash for a newbie.

As you can see from everything I pointed out, Its just weird how CCP has set this one up. This ship has some serious issues. Those aside though, its a decent mining ship and I remember loving the damn thing when I first started the game. It will always have a special place in my heart.



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