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The Move

It has been an absolutely crazy week. With so much in game news and prospects of new 0.0 life for me and my corp mates, my mind is just all over the place. We have been offered a spot in Vanguard alliance and our application is in. For a small group such as us this is quite the move. We have the members with the PvP leadership and experience to do well out there. I personally haven’t put up a POS before but I have been involved in running them.

I’ve been pouring myself into the various forum posts, PDFs and excel sheets out there for POS configuration, setup and running. Make no mistake about it, putting up a POS is a pain in the ass, but all the info out there really does help with it all. The main problem is that we absolutely NEED the POS to live and operate in 0.0. Even on a large tower there just isn’t enough CPU and power for all the production, defense and Corp based arrays. For now we will have to deal with a refining array that we keep offline during the week and will put online once per week to refine. Our goal is eventually to get a rorqual out there. This serves several purposes including nasty system wide bonuses, very nice refining, and ore compression.

All in all things are going smoothly andive been spewing more time docked and crunching numbers than flying around. The next two weeks will hands down be the most stressful in my eve career.


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