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Friday Update Links

Well its my favorite day of the week.  After a long week of hard work the weekend is finally approaching.  This means lots of good food, good booze and plenty of EvE time!  This is obviously my first Friday Update Links so I’ll explain what I’m trying to do here.  With so many podcasts, forum posts, and blogs out there it can be tough to sift through it all.  Every Friday I will be posting links to highlight some great blogs of the week, updates on new podcasts and links to various dev blogs and such.  All of this in one place.  I hope you enjoy and as always, comments are welcome!

Blog Highlights:

Wensley: You Win Some, You Lose Some, You Always Come Back – A great PvP post. Goes into great detail about the fight.
Eve Tribune: Little Noob, Part III – Fantastic series about some basic tactics and concepts for PvP.  Also check out Part I and II

Dev Blogs:

CCP torfifrans: Fury of the Apocrypha – A nice look into the current development proccess.
CCP Zulupark: The Results Are In; Eve And Shadermodel Support – Info on the removal of Classic and introduction of new “Premium Lite” client.


Warp Drive Active #44: Winterblink and Urban Mongral are back again in all of their glory. Hopefully more to come!
Fly Reckless #24: Silicon Buddha is back as usual and dicusses the various devblogs and Eve Tribune Posts.


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