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OMG I’M BLOGGING & New Screenshot Contest

Wow its been a couple of weeks since I’ve posted anything. Life has been crazy in and out of game. Quite a few personal ongoings have limited my extra time. Some corp drama has also been soaking up all my spare Eve time. Things are starting to smooth out again and hopefully you will see a lot more posts from me.

So I’m sure I peaked your interest when I mentioned corp drama. I’ve been running my own corp for a few months now and everything was going splendidly until we moved out to the Great Wildlands. Now Vanguard (the alliance we are in) has been awesome. Lots of industrial and PvP opportunities for those who have the ambition and drive to take the bull by the horns. We had some initial problems with the move and a bit of a burnout on my end of things with having to mine enough ice to fuel the damn thing. My biggest mistake was starting with a large tower for a corp of our size. A medium or small would have done fine. Other than that things seemed to be fine.

A couple of weeks ago it becomes apparent that my executive director’s ego has swelled to the size of an avatar. He quickly asserts himself as being allmightly and never wrong. He asks to run for CEO which I help him do. His main reasons for being pissed off was not having full director rights in the corp, something I don’t give to anyone because of past experiences with corp theft. He spends the next three days talking to each person in the corp and convincing them to leave and form with him. And of course I log in on the 4th day and the wallets and hangars of the corp are completely empty. Needless to say I wasn’t too happy, but releived in a way that I now know he is a 100% asshole. His last few minutes on the alliance vent server were spent inflating his own ego. All in all about half of the corp left.

We are in the process of restructuring and are already recruiting. I personally have billions in liquid cash so money for the corp is not a problem. I’m 100% sure we will be fine and its nice not dealing with peoples needs and egos on a daily basis now. We are more of a relaxed corp now and I now have a Zero tolerance policy for egos. I have played this game long enough not to have to deal with people like that. The funny thing is the people that left are now in high sec. Looking at the Alliance killboard it seems that most of them were having a hard time out here and just couldn’t cut it. One lost a Myrm and Hulk over the period of a couple of days…..to belt rats. It’s been a rough couple of drama filled weeks and thats partly why I haven’t been blogging much but thats about to change. Thanks for those of you who keep checking back. Good stuff to come!

Screenshot Wednesday Contest #2 We had a few contestents last time. Submission period will be a bit longer this time around. Remember, submissions are due Sunday evening. Voting starts on Monday and the winner will be announced Wednesday. The prize? 15 million isk. If participation keeps up then prizes will get better and better. Hopefully we will see some great screenshots! Past winners are eligable to enter. Send entries to nickdgdm[at]yahoo.com



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Life Without BoB

If your reading this and the title sounds strange and unfamiliar then for the love of god check this forum out and get yourself up to date! I’ve only been playing for a year yet I still realize how big of an event this is to EvE. There are still many questions to be answered and details are still extremely fuzzy.

Here is the jist. A director in an executor corp in BoB became disgruntled and went to the other side. He somehow closed the alliance and has single handed changed the face of the game. One can argue that this isn’t an infiltration by the Goons, but in fact good luck and Goon leadership knowing a good opportunity when they see it. Disbanding can and will result in Titan construction coming to a hault and jump bridge systems failing. Reports of BoB evacuating assets have been posted on the forums, but mostly by Goon members themselves so take it with a grain of salt.

What will be interesting is….

  • What will happen to BoB members? Will they form up again to make a new alliance?
  • What is the scope of loss of both liquid and non-liquid assets?
  • How will CCP react?
  • What kind of affects this has on the game as a whole. Will Goons be THE premiere alliance in the game?

Time will tell what happens. With my corp planning on moving to 0.0 I wonder what the landscape of nullsec will look like. I’m sure its going to change dramatically. If BoB members can pull back together, get a new alliance up and rolling in the next two days then they can cut their losses. But make no mistake about it, BoB will not be the massive Alliance it once was anytime soon. Shit hit the fan and no matter what, they are losing assets. Its up to them to stop the bleeding. In some ways this is BoB dropping the ball. They either let one person have too much power or pissed him off enough that he went to the other side. Either way, they screwed up.

Suffice it to say this is the biggest event I’ve ever seen hit the game. Details will be pouring out in the coming days, weeks and even months. It is a very interesting development

Some Helpful Links:

EvE Sov Info: Notice the white systems in Delve. If you click on them you will notice the Sov loss in the bottom.
Updated Sovereignty Map for Feb 5th

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