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Friday Update Links

Still cold as hell. A part of me still wants a bit more snow before spring, and a part of me just wants some sunny spring days. Various connection issues keeping me from logging in for hours at a time. If it keeps up then I will have no choice but to switch ISPs and see if that fixes the problem. Happy Friday all!

Alliance Tournament Results and Continuation: Last weekend was a blast and can’t wait for another weekend full of pure destruction. Some helpful links to keep everyone up to date on the Alliance Tournament ongoings.

Past Match Results & This Weekends Match Schedule

Day 1 & Day 2 Match Videos on Youtube

Catch Life Audio Reports and Commentary at Eve Radio, Split Infinity Radio or New Eden Radio. Many of them also have lotteries you can enter.

Blog Highlights:

Kirith Kodachi and his in depth look into the Apocrypha expansion: You’ll notice I linked to his entire blog. He has quite a few posts looking into various dev blogs and specific aspects of the Apocrypha expansion. Forget the eve-o forum posts and skip the dev blogs, this is THE blog to keep an eye on if your looking for some experienced commentary on Apocrypha.

Dev Blogs:

CCP Ytterbium – When Evolution Leaps Forward: A fairly simple look at some more Apochrypha goodies!
CCP Whisper – Building a New Bridge to the Stars: An interesting blog talking mostly about exploration and wormholes.

Podcasts: Been a very slow week for podcasts! Nothing new to report on this front.



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