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Screenshot Contest #2 – Voting

Well I checked my email today and we have a whopping 3 entries this time around, luckily they are pretty good entries. All three are badass in their own right. 15 million isk up for grabs this time.

How To Vote: Remember, voting starts today and ends early Wednesday, after which I will tally the votes and post the winner. To vote, just post a comment on this post with the number screenshot that you like. One vote please. And yes, contestants may vote for themselves!



This one is from Kirith Kodachi, winner from the last contest. It’s his Nomad Jump
freighter mid-warp.



#2 is from Tony over at Eve’s Weekend Warrior. I haven’t seen anything like this
before so I’m guessing this is from one of his recent wormhole adventures.



#3 is from Xiphos83 over at The Misguided Adventurer. Ittys never looked so good.

Vote away!



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Friday Update Links – Spring Edition

Well its spring here in the US though you wouldn’t know from the weather. Should hit 50 degrees F this weekend. Looking forward to some nice lazy and breezy weekends soon. As always I hope you all have a good weekend and remember, keep your finger over that Print Screen button! Submissions for the screenshot contest are due Sunday evening!

Podcasts: WTF? Where have all the Podcasts gone? Hopefully Blinky and Urban are working on one! Actually, I’ve been toying with the idea of putting together a podcast of either just myself going over news and commentary or a group of people. Right now I’m working on researching means of recording and editing then working on planning out the format. With no regular podcasts I think it would be worth a shot.

Dev Blogs: Slow week here as well, though with very good reason. The Devs were hard at work prior to the patch and of course post-patch dealing with bugs and such. Not suprising that they haven’t had much free time to pump out new posts.

Forum Highlights:
The UI is increasingly shambolic: This poster makes some valid points about the UI. I think their next expansion should really focus on improving stability and usability. Right now they are just adding features onto a system that has some serious issues at times.

are assault frigs viable solo and small group pvp?: I actually commented on this one. Was thinking the same thing myself. Like with any ship you need to be sure you can dictate the engagement before engaging. In essence, you need to know you can win more so with a t2 frig considering the cost.

Blog Highlights:
Its Oh So Quiet – Wensley: Love these detailed pvp engagements. Can always picture then in your head.

EvE Mags First Lottery:

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Friday Update Links – Easy Weekend Edition

Last weekend the lady friend and I went away. This weekend we have a couple of wedding things to take care of, some house cleaning to do and then some Eve time for me. Most of the POS stuff is up so hopefully I can get my hulk out there and start making some money for myself. Imake it a point to keep my wallet full when possible. Makes it a little easier being CEO if I can afford some nice toys and plenty of PvP. Helps take the edge off the stress. Have a safe weekend all (both in and out of game!).

Podcasts: Still dead for podcasts this week. Hoping it picks up soon.

Fly Reckless Special #1 – Finally some more commentary from SB! He is always just reading dev blogs and Eve Tribune articles. Its nice to hear some of his opinions!

Blog Highlights:

Eve Mags “Mondo’s Flight Academy” Parts III, IV & V : Still loving these!

Wensley – Taking On Interceptors: He certainly has a way of writing PvP situations like no on else.

DBR: T3CH Construction: No matter what type of pilot you are, you NEED to learn up on T3 ships and production.

Dev Blogs:

CCP Fear – Your Revamped Rookie: All of us remember the utterly shitty experience we had when we first started the game. The stupid tutorials certainly wasn’t the driving factor to why we are still playing. We all quickly realized that the tutorials were flat out wrong or didn’t cover the most important stuff. And attributes, oh how I hate you. I would love to see the whole system destroyed, but thats not happening anytime soon.

CCP Mindstar – Apocrypharrrrrdwarre!: For the geek in all of us.

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Screenshot Contest #1 Contestants

Well we didn’t get as many submissions as I would have liked, but that just means better chances for those who did send one in! Next time there will be more for prizes up for grabs and hopefully a few more people sending shots in.

Remember, voting is open until Early Wednesday. To vote, just comment on this post with which number screenshot you are voting for. And yes, you may vote for your own.



Caption: This screenshot came during a level four mission when Angel Cartel battleships where pounding my Rokh with torpedoes while I valiantly returned fire. I won.

Sent by: Kirith Kodachi



Caption: A Tri-Formation of navy Megathrons, the very enemy of the State!

Sent by: Toni Li of Eve’s Weekend Warrior
Get voting All!


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Contest Reminder

Remember all, submissions for the screenshot contest are due tonight. Please email them to me at nickdgdm[at] 10 MILLION isk up for grabs!

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Friday Update Links – POS Launch Edition – Screenshot Contest

This weekend will be my first ever POS launch. Those of you who keep up with this blog know how big this is for my and my corp. I don’t have a heck of a lot of experience with this stuff but have done a ton of research and think I will be all set. Alliance will be providing some lock down fleets as well as bubbling of gates (I hope). All in all it should go well. I’ll post some pictures next week and maybe a frap vid or two. Hope all your weekends are action packed and safe!

Podcasts: Seems like all the other podcasts have come to a screeching halt as of late. Fly Reckless seems to be the only one on a decent schedule. It’s too bad too because I really really like both WDA and TDB. Thinking of starting my own bi-weekly podcast.

Fly Reckless #25: SB Does his thing as usual.

Dev Blogs: These take on a certain level of extreme importance as Apocrypha draws near.

Strategic Cruisers: A New Breed – by CCP Nozh: I’m loving these little tidbits they are releasing as Apocrypha approaches!

More Queue Queue – by CCP: Great news. Not the implementation everyone was hoping for, but certainly better than nothing.

Blog Highlights:

Kirith Kodachi’s Apochrypha Probing Lessons: I, II & III: A must read for any probers out there. Apocrypha will change how probing works and these are good reads to make sure you are prepared.

The EvE Online Portal/ Fresh, vibrant and just what we needed with so many Eve related blogs out there. I hope to see Alexia take this site to the next level and do highlights as well as quick snapshots of the various new posts.

EvE Mag – Mondo’s Flight Academy Part I & Part II: Really loving these. Almost reminds me a little of the start of Ender’s Game. I will be following these.

From The Forums:

BoB Threadnaught: This thing just keeps going. Things seem to be settling down on the whole BoB/Kenny thing. The Goons of course overexagerated on their claims of BoB running with their tails between their legs. In Fact it looks as if Kenny has a good portion of their original systems back. Goons took quite a hit in SOV loss this week.

Wednesday Screenshots Contest: I love taking screenshots as I fly through space, but I’m sure some of you have some great screenshots as well. I figured a little contest is in order. Send an email with ONE screenshot that you love to nickdgdm[at] with “Screenshot Contest #1” in the subject. Attach the screenshot in .jpg format as large as you have it. Send only one screenshot. If you have a bunch you love, save them for next time! Also put a little caption of it in the email as well as where I should send the ISK if you win. Also, if you happen to have a blog that you keep, please send the link to it as well so I can link to it if and when you win.

Ok, the prizes. This first time I’ll start with 10 Million ISK. Submissions are due by midnight this Sunday. A post will be up Monday showing all the submissions at which time everyone will get to vote. Voting continues from Monday to Early Wednesday at which time the winner will be announced and posted. So get out there this weekend and snap some screenshots!


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The Move

It has been an absolutely crazy week. With so much in game news and prospects of new 0.0 life for me and my corp mates, my mind is just all over the place. We have been offered a spot in Vanguard alliance and our application is in. For a small group such as us this is quite the move. We have the members with the PvP leadership and experience to do well out there. I personally haven’t put up a POS before but I have been involved in running them.

I’ve been pouring myself into the various forum posts, PDFs and excel sheets out there for POS configuration, setup and running. Make no mistake about it, putting up a POS is a pain in the ass, but all the info out there really does help with it all. The main problem is that we absolutely NEED the POS to live and operate in 0.0. Even on a large tower there just isn’t enough CPU and power for all the production, defense and Corp based arrays. For now we will have to deal with a refining array that we keep offline during the week and will put online once per week to refine. Our goal is eventually to get a rorqual out there. This serves several purposes including nasty system wide bonuses, very nice refining, and ore compression.

All in all things are going smoothly andive been spewing more time docked and crunching numbers than flying around. The next two weeks will hands down be the most stressful in my eve career.

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