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OMG I’M BLOGGING & New Screenshot Contest

Wow its been a couple of weeks since I’ve posted anything. Life has been crazy in and out of game. Quite a few personal ongoings have limited my extra time. Some corp drama has also been soaking up all my spare Eve time. Things are starting to smooth out again and hopefully you will see a lot more posts from me.

So I’m sure I peaked your interest when I mentioned corp drama. I’ve been running my own corp for a few months now and everything was going splendidly until we moved out to the Great Wildlands. Now Vanguard (the alliance we are in) has been awesome. Lots of industrial and PvP opportunities for those who have the ambition and drive to take the bull by the horns. We had some initial problems with the move and a bit of a burnout on my end of things with having to mine enough ice to fuel the damn thing. My biggest mistake was starting with a large tower for a corp of our size. A medium or small would have done fine. Other than that things seemed to be fine.

A couple of weeks ago it becomes apparent that my executive director’s ego has swelled to the size of an avatar. He quickly asserts himself as being allmightly and never wrong. He asks to run for CEO which I help him do. His main reasons for being pissed off was not having full director rights in the corp, something I don’t give to anyone because of past experiences with corp theft. He spends the next three days talking to each person in the corp and convincing them to leave and form with him. And of course I log in on the 4th day and the wallets and hangars of the corp are completely empty. Needless to say I wasn’t too happy, but releived in a way that I now know he is a 100% asshole. His last few minutes on the alliance vent server were spent inflating his own ego. All in all about half of the corp left.

We are in the process of restructuring and are already recruiting. I personally have billions in liquid cash so money for the corp is not a problem. I’m 100% sure we will be fine and its nice not dealing with peoples needs and egos on a daily basis now. We are more of a relaxed corp now and I now have a Zero tolerance policy for egos. I have played this game long enough not to have to deal with people like that. The funny thing is the people that left are now in high sec. Looking at the Alliance killboard it seems that most of them were having a hard time out here and just couldn’t cut it. One lost a Myrm and Hulk over the period of a couple of days… belt rats. It’s been a rough couple of drama filled weeks and thats partly why I haven’t been blogging much but thats about to change. Thanks for those of you who keep checking back. Good stuff to come!

Screenshot Wednesday Contest #2 We had a few contestents last time. Submission period will be a bit longer this time around. Remember, submissions are due Sunday evening. Voting starts on Monday and the winner will be announced Wednesday. The prize? 15 million isk. If participation keeps up then prizes will get better and better. Hopefully we will see some great screenshots! Past winners are eligable to enter. Send entries to nickdgdm[at]



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If you’ve been following this blog you know the last couple of weeks has been crazy for me. Moved my corp into 0.0 and setup a large POS. Just a few weeks ago I spent hours a day happily mining away in empire making 15-25 mil per day. Now I spend my days mining ice, not because I want to, but because I have to. A large POS eats up quite a bit of fuel. I’ve been hitting the best ice possible for racial isotopes but I still need to mine for hours a day to keep up. Most of the corp still can’t use ice harvesters and getting them together for OPs is shotty at best. Now for those of you who have ice mined, you know how boring it is. The nice thing about it is you can set your harvesters on an ice rock and go afk for awhile. Imagine ice mining, but having to stare at local for hours. Thank god for hulu so I can watch some lost in a small window box.

It’s been extremely stressful to say the least. 0.0 is supposed to be fun. I really need to sit down and come up with a plan to keep up with the ice without killing myself. Will I be able to pull in the type of cash I used to? Probably not, but I NEED to be able to pull in some money so I can buy the big toys I like. If not, I’ll burn out and not log in at all. I find myself taking breaks and just playing BF2 or some other mindless game.

I guess part of the problem is the corp structure. Everyones out ratting and mining helping themselves while I”m left out having to ice mine. My executive officer is out of commision for awhile while he sorts out some RL stuff which doesn’t help. I guess I need to start cracking the whip in some areas. I think some new blood in the corp would help greatly as well.

Hopefully things will fall into place a bit better in the coming weeks. Just need to keep at it and keep delegating. Thanks for listening to the rant!


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I can has skill queue?

I’m sure news of the planned skill queue have spread like wildfire by now. Probably the best news I’ve heard all day. As a community we have been clamoring for this for awhile now. It was quite a kick in the pants when they took ghost training away and didn’t add the queue. Some questions remain however as to how this will affect character growth and character farming.

The dev blog states “The skill training system we came up with allows you to queue skills that will start training in the next 24 hours. You can enter in up to 50 skills in a queue, as long as they all start training within 24 hours. This leaves room to start a skill that will take 6 hours, followed with one that takes 12 to complete. With only 18 hours of training prepared, the queue still has room to start another skill.” What I’m taking this to mean is that you could essentially train a bunch of shorter skills up until 24 hours after the first skill started in the queue then have a long skill start right before that 24 hour period is up. This helps with low multiplier skills that may only take 10-15 hours to get to lvl 3 or 4 but the last skill is a day or two. So long as level V starts within the 24 hour period then it will start training. What this doesn’t help is a Capital ship pilot throw months worth of skills together in the queue, log off, log back in a few months from then and be able to fly a carrier around. This in theory prevents character farming.

Now this certainly doesn’t help people like myself who will be going on vaction for a week in the spring and need to train a set of skills. Chances are I’ll just have to set a long one or find a skill set that trains a bunch of short skills then starts a long one that takes a week before the 24 hours is up. I think the 24 hour time table is a tad short. Something closer to 48 would have been a bit more reasonable. Either way, this is a good step in the right direction and was a big fat elephant in the room that they weren’t addressing.

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Planning Ahead

Not sure if you guys/gals know but I have two characters in Eve. I have a main character that runs my corporation. His skill training isn’t very focused, with SP in Industry and PvP. His learning skills are great but as a result of diversifying my training, he isn’t great at any one aspect of PvP. My other character is a pure indy alt with great learning skills and a pure focus on Indy.

Main Char Training: With my main running a corp I’ve been training specific skills to help me in certain areas that in turn help the corp. This recently has included training some of my core skills to V to allow for tech II hardeners and Tech II LARs for Missions. The domi tank is working pretty darn well now. The only way to get it stronger would be to use a couple of Amarr LAR’s or switch to Complex Hardeners (drool worthy but pocket emptying). Next I believe I will start training to an assault ship, specifically the ishkur. Then maybe onto an Oneiros or Ishtar. I’m wary of actually using an Oneiros in combat as it screams “Primary ME!” but I imagine so long as I’m the proper 70km away that it should be all good. I’ll be plugging away at sentry drones V as I go along (still 20+ days). Then its onto the long train for Tech II Large Blasters. I have access to meds already (gank brutix ftw).

Indy Alt: After getting him into an Orca and getting him the best Leadership & Implant bonuses money and time can buy, I have started him on tech II production training. I didn’t realize how skill intensive it was. Thanfully most of them train pretty fast. Honestly not sure what do next with him after that. I certainly want to keep him indy focused. I may work on wing and fleet command skills then.

So all in all I’m really concentrating on keeping each character focused on a specific aspect of the game, and in turn a specific skill path. The Ishkur will be my first step into tech II ships (aside from a hulk) and the great thing about it is its cheap and I can easily TII fit the whole thing.

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The Experience & A Look Back

I remember my first two weeks in Eve like they were yesterday. I remember my trusty Velator appearing on screen and immediately being overwhelmed by the overview and sidebar. There was so much to take in and it felt like I would never learn what ever module in the market did. Even such, I was still excited. The aspect of the game that really pulled me in was community. From player run corporations to Alliances. It was amazing that you could be rating in empire with a guy sitting thousands of miles away in front of his computer (or her!).

It wasn’t just the in-game things that pulled me in, but the out of game happenings. index_01There were blogs, alliance tournaments, podcasts and even a TV show dedicated to this great game. This brings me to EveTV.  They were out of money and CCP was unwilling to help them in any form that would keep it going at the time. I watched previous episodes and it immediately struck me as plain stupid that CCP wouldn’t keep something like this going. Something that really gave this game something that no other MMO offered. It’s cutting things like this that speak volumes about how much the company cares about the community outside of the game. Apparently the alliance tournament used to be hosted every 6 months but is now once a year. With PCU up and the possibility of plenty of new subscriptions in ’09, it makes me wonder if this will bite CCP in the ass. I can’t begin to ponder why they wouldn’t spend the relatively low amount of cash to fund specific events and programs outside of the game that really pull in new players and keep the veteran pilots interested. Per player investment for these types of programs must be relatively low.

Let’s face it, CCP NEEDS to make Eve standout from the pack. None of us are quitting our subscriptions because EveTV is gone or the tournament is only every year now, thats clear. But what will speak to CCP is stiffled growth. They have a massive investment in servers and programming. What pays off for them is when subscriptions go up and more people are paying for the experience they have created. Essentially more bang for their buck off their initial investment. Thats the great multiplier of programming.

Hopefully CCP realizes in the future that the CAN cater to new and old players. They need to keep in mind the entire experience they are creating, and not just the game itself. FanFest is a great start but I think they can do a bit better. Bringing back EveTv in some form for a bi-weekly show would also be a good start. Hopefully they agree.


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