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Some of the people you meet

A couple of nights ago my corpmates and I were out in a belt happily mining away, myself in an Orca.  A pilot warps in in a rifter (a pilot we have had run ins with before).  He proceeds to can flip one of our members and goes blinky.  Our security director happily pods him.  The pilot then returns in yet another rifter and attempts to shoot one of our members and is quickly concorded.  You would think that after all of this he has at least learned he can’t can flip properly or that he can’t just go around shooting people in high sec (I mean seriously? The game warns you before doing it). He then proceeds to return and try to can flip another member of our corp.  He makes the mistake of making a new can and taking the time to name it and all before trying to transfer the ore. In this short period I locked the can with my Orca and started to tractor it in and quickly added the ore to my cargohold.  He then attempts to shoot me while concord is already in the belt. One of the concord frigates quickly one shots him and he warps out.  He then returns and tries to flip again and is quickly killed by our security director for a second time that evening. This pilot is BY FAR the worst PVPer I have run across in this game. You would think that he would have learned or adapted by now. I couldn’t help but ask in local what the hell he thought he was doing. He proceeded to bash us, the game and said he was going back to WoW. What a night.



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