Screenshot Contest #2 – Voting

Well I checked my email today and we have a whopping 3 entries this time around, luckily they are pretty good entries. All three are badass in their own right. 15 million isk up for grabs this time.

How To Vote: Remember, voting starts today and ends early Wednesday, after which I will tally the votes and post the winner. To vote, just post a comment on this post with the number screenshot that you like. One vote please. And yes, contestants may vote for themselves!



This one is from Kirith Kodachi, winner from the last contest. It’s his Nomad Jump
freighter mid-warp.



#2 is from Tony over at Eve’s Weekend Warrior. I haven’t seen anything like this
before so I’m guessing this is from one of his recent wormhole adventures.



#3 is from Xiphos83 over at The Misguided Adventurer. Ittys never looked so good.

Vote away!



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5 responses to “Screenshot Contest #2 – Voting

  1. Egads! My competion has doubled in number! 😉

    I’ll vote for #3.

  2. hmm tough competition..I like all three but well I’ll pick the Kirith Kodachi one as I like the nomad JF 🙂

  3. nickmacedo

    Agreed. We at least have the quality aspect down!

  4. Leumas K


    Gotta agree with Kirith. Another vote for #3.

  5. Arg, X83 has putup a great picture. Same with KK, but can’t let him win again, so I pick #3 (Just joking KK you know I love ya).

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