Friday Update Links – Spring Edition

Well its spring here in the US though you wouldn’t know from the weather. Should hit 50 degrees F this weekend. Looking forward to some nice lazy and breezy weekends soon. As always I hope you all have a good weekend and remember, keep your finger over that Print Screen button! Submissions for the screenshot contest are due Sunday evening!

Podcasts: WTF? Where have all the Podcasts gone? Hopefully Blinky and Urban are working on one! Actually, I’ve been toying with the idea of putting together a podcast of either just myself going over news and commentary or a group of people. Right now I’m working on researching means of recording and editing then working on planning out the format. With no regular podcasts I think it would be worth a shot.

Dev Blogs: Slow week here as well, though with very good reason. The Devs were hard at work prior to the patch and of course post-patch dealing with bugs and such. Not suprising that they haven’t had much free time to pump out new posts.

Forum Highlights:
The UI is increasingly shambolic: This poster makes some valid points about the UI. I think their next expansion should really focus on improving stability and usability. Right now they are just adding features onto a system that has some serious issues at times.

are assault frigs viable solo and small group pvp?: I actually commented on this one. Was thinking the same thing myself. Like with any ship you need to be sure you can dictate the engagement before engaging. In essence, you need to know you can win more so with a t2 frig considering the cost.

Blog Highlights:
Its Oh So Quiet – Wensley: Love these detailed pvp engagements. Can always picture then in your head.

EvE Mags First Lottery:


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