If you’ve been following this blog you know the last couple of weeks has been crazy for me. Moved my corp into 0.0 and setup a large POS. Just a few weeks ago I spent hours a day happily mining away in empire making 15-25 mil per day. Now I spend my days mining ice, not because I want to, but because I have to. A large POS eats up quite a bit of fuel. I’ve been hitting the best ice possible for racial isotopes but I still need to mine for hours a day to keep up. Most of the corp still can’t use ice harvesters and getting them together for OPs is shotty at best. Now for those of you who have ice mined, you know how boring it is. The nice thing about it is you can set your harvesters on an ice rock and go afk for awhile. Imagine ice mining, but having to stare at local for hours. Thank god for hulu so I can watch some lost in a small window box.

It’s been extremely stressful to say the least. 0.0 is supposed to be fun. I really need to sit down and come up with a plan to keep up with the ice without killing myself. Will I be able to pull in the type of cash I used to? Probably not, but I NEED to be able to pull in some money so I can buy the big toys I like. If not, I’ll burn out and not log in at all. I find myself taking breaks and just playing BF2 or some other mindless game.

I guess part of the problem is the corp structure. Everyones out ratting and mining helping themselves while I”m left out having to ice mine. My executive officer is out of commision for awhile while he sorts out some RL stuff which doesn’t help. I guess I need to start cracking the whip in some areas. I think some new blood in the corp would help greatly as well.

Hopefully things will fall into place a bit better in the coming weeks. Just need to keep at it and keep delegating. Thanks for listening to the rant!



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4 responses to “Burnout

  1. Do you have a corp tax? If so, can’t you put some of the isk towards buying fuel for the tower? I’m not very experienced in 0.0…but I know at least in high-sec it’s easier to mine ore…sell it for more than you could ice, and buy the fuel for the tower…that way you get fuel and a profit…rather than just fuel…

    Not sure if that would work for 0.0 though since the ice is better out there.

  2. nickmacedo

    Thats a good point I didn’t touch on. Yes we do have a tax (10%) and it certainly IS helping with some of the fuel costs, but trade goods alone cost 25+ mil per month. If we were to buy most of our racial isotopes it would be quite the sum. Once production is ramped up I think we will most likely have to purchase some of the fuel just to be able to keep up with it.

  3. You are in a bad spot. Either the towers must come down or more corp members should be out mining ice to keep up with fuel demands.

    If you are worried about burnout, you are over half way there. 😦

  4. Not just

    Dude, I live in 0.0 for two years, and running lot’s of POSes, here are some hints for you:
    – do not mine ice in 0.0. Yep, mine arconor, bistot… any high-end ore. Refine it, sell it, and buy whatever you need. It IS MORE profitable. Let imperial miners mine ice and sell you isotopes.
    – exploration. Look for the hidden belts and mine in there. First, the ore is better in there. Second, it is more secure to mine on it, in case of enemy’s visit.
    – place moon harvester and silo. Maybe you should look for another moon. It is money for nothing doing …ok, for 1 hour a week. Later you should think of placing more (small) POSes to get moon materials, and place another (large) POS to place there reactors. Indeed one “medium rate” reaction gives about 1,5 bill. ISK. per month.

    safe fly

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