Friday Update Links – Easy Weekend Edition

Last weekend the lady friend and I went away. This weekend we have a couple of wedding things to take care of, some house cleaning to do and then some Eve time for me. Most of the POS stuff is up so hopefully I can get my hulk out there and start making some money for myself. Imake it a point to keep my wallet full when possible. Makes it a little easier being CEO if I can afford some nice toys and plenty of PvP. Helps take the edge off the stress. Have a safe weekend all (both in and out of game!).

Podcasts: Still dead for podcasts this week. Hoping it picks up soon.

Fly Reckless Special #1 – Finally some more commentary from SB! He is always just reading dev blogs and Eve Tribune articles. Its nice to hear some of his opinions!

Blog Highlights:

Eve Mags “Mondo’s Flight Academy” Parts III, IV & V : Still loving these!

Wensley – Taking On Interceptors: He certainly has a way of writing PvP situations like no on else.

DBR: T3CH Construction: No matter what type of pilot you are, you NEED to learn up on T3 ships and production.

Dev Blogs:

CCP Fear – Your Revamped Rookie: All of us remember the utterly shitty experience we had when we first started the game. The stupid tutorials certainly wasn’t the driving factor to why we are still playing. We all quickly realized that the tutorials were flat out wrong or didn’t cover the most important stuff. And attributes, oh how I hate you. I would love to see the whole system destroyed, but thats not happening anytime soon.

CCP Mindstar – Apocrypharrrrrdwarre!: For the geek in all of us.


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One response to “Friday Update Links – Easy Weekend Edition

  1. Ha, glad to know I’m not the only one enjoying Mondo’s Flight Academy!

    Got a question for you reguarding POSes as I had deployed mine earlier tonight so if you can use my contact form @ that would be great!


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