Screenshot Contest #1 Contestants

Well we didn’t get as many submissions as I would have liked, but that just means better chances for those who did send one in! Next time there will be more for prizes up for grabs and hopefully a few more people sending shots in.

Remember, voting is open until Early Wednesday. To vote, just comment on this post with which number screenshot you are voting for. And yes, you may vote for your own.



Caption: This screenshot came during a level four mission when Angel Cartel battleships where pounding my Rokh with torpedoes while I valiantly returned fire. I won.

Sent by: Kirith Kodachi



Caption: A Tri-Formation of navy Megathrons, the very enemy of the State!

Sent by: Toni Li of Eve’s Weekend Warrior
Get voting All!



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4 responses to “Screenshot Contest #1 Contestants

  1. #1.

    I’d submit but I’m running classic on minimal settings, so no prettiness.

  2. nickmacedo

    Prettiness is nice, but isn’t everything. Submit next time!

  3. I must say #1 got me beat this time. The glowy-ness color wins!

    I vote #1!

  4. #1, pretty ‘splosions.

    Much ❤ to both entrants, though. I might have something next time! 😀

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