Update on the BoB Situation

The COAD forums are absolutely abuzz with chatter about this grand event. I think everyone is in agreement that this is one of, if not the most, prominent event to hit EvE since it launched. I’m still in awe myself. I’ve only been playing for a year, yet I still appreciate how much this affects the game, how crazy this is. The war in Delve has started and it could turn out to be pretty nasty. One thing is for certain, no one is going away anytime soon. The member corps that composed BoB will stick together and fight to the last system. And if the Goons can, they will push them to the very end. Below are some updated links on interviews, maps and news to keep you guys and gals informed. Enjoy!

Updated Info & Synopsis of Events so Far
Eve Radio’s Interviews with Dianabolic and Mittani For Listening and Downloading

This before and after SOV map really just shows how different things are now.


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  1. Yeah, it is definitely the Event. It is funny it still have no an official name, though the most appealing one I noticed so far was “DisBand of Brothers”. I wonder if this would be the one that will remain in our memories.

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