The Experience & A Look Back

I remember my first two weeks in Eve like they were yesterday. I remember my trusty Velator appearing on screen and immediately being overwhelmed by the overview and sidebar. There was so much to take in and it felt like I would never learn what ever module in the market did. Even such, I was still excited. The aspect of the game that really pulled me in was community. From player run corporations to Alliances. It was amazing that you could be rating in empire with a guy sitting thousands of miles away in front of his computer (or her!).

It wasn’t just the in-game things that pulled me in, but the out of game happenings. index_01There were blogs, alliance tournaments, podcasts and even a TV show dedicated to this great game. This brings me to EveTV.  They were out of money and CCP was unwilling to help them in any form that would keep it going at the time. I watched previous episodes and it immediately struck me as plain stupid that CCP wouldn’t keep something like this going. Something that really gave this game something that no other MMO offered. It’s cutting things like this that speak volumes about how much the company cares about the community outside of the game. Apparently the alliance tournament used to be hosted every 6 months but is now once a year. With PCU up and the possibility of plenty of new subscriptions in ’09, it makes me wonder if this will bite CCP in the ass. I can’t begin to ponder why they wouldn’t spend the relatively low amount of cash to fund specific events and programs outside of the game that really pull in new players and keep the veteran pilots interested. Per player investment for these types of programs must be relatively low.

Let’s face it, CCP NEEDS to make Eve standout from the pack. None of us are quitting our subscriptions because EveTV is gone or the tournament is only every year now, thats clear. But what will speak to CCP is stiffled growth. They have a massive investment in servers and programming. What pays off for them is when subscriptions go up and more people are paying for the experience they have created. Essentially more bang for their buck off their initial investment. Thats the great multiplier of programming.

Hopefully CCP realizes in the future that the CAN cater to new and old players. They need to keep in mind the entire experience they are creating, and not just the game itself. FanFest is a great start but I think they can do a bit better. Bringing back EveTv in some form for a bi-weekly show would also be a good start. Hopefully they agree.



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5 responses to “The Experience & A Look Back

  1. Good points about EVE TV and CCP making EVE stand out.

  2. Hey there!

    Welcome to the EVE blogging community!

    I added your blog to my EVE Player Blogroll. You’ll also be featured in both the next EVE Speedlinking post, as well as the next Micro Warp Cast podcast.

    I’d appreciate if you made a post about it and/or added those links to your blogroll!


  3. nickmacedo

    Thanks CK! Question, do you have the entire blogroll on your site in OPML format? Us wordpress guys have an import Blogroll feature that accepts OPML format files. Was just wondering!

  4. I know there’s one being kept for the Blog Pack, but am not sure about the blogroll.

    You could just add the link to that post until an OPML file is created.

  5. nickmacedo

    I could create one for you using my blogroll list and exporting it via OPML. Only problem is it might not display exactly the way you want it. For instance any blog that has a title with “The” in the beginning would respectively display at the start of the Ts in the list instead of at the beginning of your list if the first letter in the word after “The” was an “A” if that makes any sense. Also a new file would have to be exported and sent out to everyone once new blogs are added.

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