The State of FW

I can remember some months ago the buzz and anticipation concerning the upcoming Empyrean Age patch and the Factional Warfare it was bringing to the game.  After many months, I wonder where FW resides in the game.  I decided to take a bit of time and look into FW, its state in the game and think about where it may be in the future.gallente2

The first thing I wanted to do was talk to a few FW pilots and ask them about their experiences fighting for a faction. I took a quick look at my addressbook and quickly realized that I didn’t know ANYONE who was participating in Factional Warfare.  The next place I turned to was the forums. I found a great link that displays some of  statistics I was looking for. If you go to that page you can see that there is no clear cut “winner” in FW, but that the Caldari have a very nice daily average when it comes to Victory Points. They also have quite a few more pilots than any other faction. Considering the total number of pilots of all the factions, I’d wager that FW has a healthy player participation. The Gallente Factional Warfare team seems to have their stuff together though and kicked some serious ass this past weekend in the Alliance Tournament, wielding almost all Gallente ships.

One of the biggest issues that people seem to have is the cost. Ship losses happen often in normal PvP, but most pilots have other means of making money such as running missions or mining.   With Factional Warfare, war exists all around you and so making money can be a problem. It will be interesting to see where FW is in the future. I’d like to see CCP bring some big faction events to the game. Events that could actually change the face of New Eden. Massive Factional NPC invasions into empire space that require a “call to arms” for all pilots. Some large server sized events would really bring people together for a short while. Its things like that that really bring about a sense of community and make Eve Online stand out in the crowd of MMOs.

Post your thoughts and opinions on FW in the comments.


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