PCU and the road ahead

Its been obvious news, the PCU (Peak Concurrent Users) count has been rising steadily for the past few Sundays with last Sunday reaching over 48k. This is great news for the game but it presents a trend that could create serious issues if it continues.

Average daily server POP seems to be higher than it was this summer. The general feeling is that server POP does increase during the winter months when more players are indoors and log on. The question is this, does the higher PCU mean more people signing up or just more existing players logging on during the winter months? It’s yet to be seen if the subscription rate is actually increasing. If so, there are issues CCP could run into.

I’m fairly confident that as a whole, the server can handle quite a few people at any given time. What is a concern is single system crowding. Systems like Jita are rapidly growing and one has to wonder how many concurrent players in system the server could handle. There is also the matter of region crowding.

With the March expansion and the release of a retail boxed version of the game, you can certainly expect subscriptions to rise. Time will tell how this affects the game.



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3 responses to “PCU and the road ahead

  1. I’m worried at well. If we get to the 60k mark, CCP may have to invest in a rapid expansion of the server farm resources.

    This isn’t a software issue. The software is better than WoWs. This is purely an issue of physical processing power. Teraflops, and lots of them.

    Firstly, CCP needs out of Iceland and into a country that can promote such expansion. Secondly, expand server farm resources on par with the current rate of PCU increase. That is to say, for every one new user today, plan for 2 more tomorrow.

    If CCP doesn’t have the forethought to prep for this, the retail boom coming there was is going to make things VERY hairy VERY quickly.

    I’m not sure season has much to do with it, but I’d have to see some PCU numbers based on seasonal averages.

    More hamsters FTW.

  2. nickmacedo

    Well from the little knowledge I have on the language the game is written in, its tough for the software to use multiple CPU cores which creates a problem. Agree with you on moving out of Iceland. Its a cool country and all but represents little about the company. England, Canada or the US would be much better choices.

  3. That difficulty is client-side, not server-side.

    Canada, definitely Canada. Tax-breaks and incentives all over the place for IT and arts. Toronto, Montreal or Vancouver.

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